Sunday, 21 August 2011

FT Article: Fears for Ireland's Fragile Recovery by John Murray Brown
I was thoroughly unimpressed by this article. Opening with the lines about Irish cailin's having to have their dresses sown by their blind grandmothers for the debutant balls to save a few coppers is about as twee as you can get.

In addition it refers unquestioningly to Ireland's GDP rate when the dog on the street in Dublin knows that Irish GDP is moved up and down by the stroke of a pen by Microsoft or Google's accountants in the IFSC. These companies pay virtually zero percent effective tax to the government's coffers and employ a limited amount of people.

IBEC is also not what it seems, as most of its largest members are in fact the Irish semi-state companies so it generally puts out press releases and talking heads spouting government PR and strategy.

The FT could be doing really incisive articles about Ireland but instead we get this.

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